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10 £

1 sesión outdoor
Clase de 60 min

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36 £

4 sessions outdoor
60 min class
Expires in 2 months.
Class cost 9 £

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64 £

8 sessions outdoor
60 min class
Expires in 3 months.
Class cost 8 £

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Frequent questions

You not only can, you must, yoga is what you need in your life!

It depends a lot on your lifestyle. Listen to your body and set realistic goals that you can sustain over time.

If your energy levels require daily practice, it’s excellent, the benefits will come much faster, but if your schedule only allows you two days a week, then I invite you to take advantage of every second you come.

Comfortable clothes, any sportive clothes that allows you to move freely and it will work for you. The practice is done barefoot and if you are prone to sweating we advise you to enter class with a towel.

I invite you to bring your own yoga mat, in case you do not have your own mat, let me know in advance.

In this case, check with your doctor first. Yoga has many benefits for the body and mind, however, each person is different and your doctor is the best person to tell you what is best for you. In case you are allowed todo so, please tell us about your case before practicing, so we can give you more personalized attention.

Of course! In fact, yoga is an excellent complement to any sport, especially for impact and strength disciplines. Helps you relax your muscles, work on your flexibility and prevent injuries.

Doctors recommend waiting for the second trimester to reactivate your yoga practice, however, discuss it with your doctor and he will recommend what is best for your pregnancy.

If your practice is regular, you will have no problem reactivating it as usual, even if they are not classes for pregnant women. Take your precautions and let me know so I can give you the variants of the necessary postures (there are some that you should avoid).

If you have never done yoga and want to start now that you are pregnant, the most appropriate thing is that you look for specialized classes for future mothers.

Yes, but it is another case where you must pay attention to your body. It depends on how you live the first days of your period, if you have aches and pains. In those cases, softer and more beneficial practices can be carried out for these moments.

Some teachers will advise you to avoid inverted postures, because as an energetic level in yoga it is considered that the period is an intense moment in which excess apana (or leftover energy) is eliminated and that practicing inverted asanas is not the most optimal for this process, but nothing physical is affected by them, so don’t be afraid if you want to practice them.

The truth is that you should always feel as comfortable as possible with your practice, get to know yourself by listening to your body and decide if they suit you.

Whether it is a yoga class, or a meditation class, I recommend doing them on an empty stomach since it is not pleasant to do them with a moving stomach.

If you are very hungry, eat something light an hour before.

Many recommend mornings for more active styles and evenings for those that relax you, but I think the best time is up to you: when you feel energized and free from other responsibilities to dedicate time to yourself!

You can do it through the website, selecting the class or the package you want to buy and following the instructions.

Once you have registered you can book the classes you want to attend.

Yes, always through the web. If it is your first time and you are not sure, you can call me and I will tell you if there are places available.

You can cancel the class up to 3 hours until the start of the class without penalty.

The free trial is a benefit so that you can try the classes for 7 days before having to pay for your class or voucher. With the free trial, you will have access to the 60-minute face-to-face classes, both indoors and outdoors.