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When what you think, say, do and feel are in harmony

you will live in coherence and connected with your essence

Hello, I'm Marina and I would like to tell you why yoga took me deep into my soul

At that time I had everything that is associated with success: a good job, a nice house, a good and stable salary, many travels…

However, I couldn’t feel more incomplete, I felt great unhappiness and emptiness inside of me and the worst: I didn’t feel entitled to feel that way. My being was crying out to be heard, it pushed me to wake up, to reconnect with my being, to feel everything and it was that feeling that brought me to YOGA.

All of this led me to remember who I am not to remember who I really am; without rejecting any part of me, but accepting that everything fits into my being. Then I understood that being abundant is not HAVING, but BEING.

Trying to be someone you are not is a betrayal of your own life, of your own soul.

Yoga came to me and I began to practice it on my own and without realizing it, became a sacred space, a routine in my life, which allows me to recognize myself again, and be faithful to my soul, guiding me on my own path, without never forget that at the end of the day I practice to live more present, making conscious decisions connected to my being and as a tool to go through this journey called life.

Yoga began to be part of my daily routine, it not only takes care of my body, but also my mind. I began to feel really connected with life and with everything around me, it brought me to the present, to enjoy and see life from a different perspective. Everything changed outside, because I changed from within.

My mission is to make you connect with your authenticity, remember who you are and live a life with purpose.

«I want to help you so that yoga also becomes part of your routine and you feel the benefits that it can give you.»

Some of the benefits you can feel

Yoga has been shown to improve your mood and general sense of well-being. Also reducing states of stress and anxiety.

Mental clarity

With continued practice you will be more aware of your own thoughts and will be able to face the ups and downs of life much better.

Agility and flexibility

You will stay healthy, young and flexible and you will be able to implement healthy routines.

Peace and wholeness

Connecting with the peace and serenity of the practice will lead you to create more physical and mental space.

It all starts on the mat

The way you approach yoga practice is reflected in how you approach your life or decision making. The mat will teach you, and you will be aware of many of your actions.

Present moment

You will connect with your body, with your mind and your breath. This will bring you to the present moment.

Practice to live

To live more present and aware of your emotions, your body and your mind, which will take you on the path of reunion with your own wisdom.

Find out how I can help you

Yoga changed my life for better and I decided to maintain this lifestyle and so inspire others who seek to discover themselves. If you want to get started, I encourage you to take action with my help through:

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Let's work together

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